Sir William is an ultra friendly, well mannered, sweet, guy that thrives on an abundance of loving affection! He has one of the most impressive coats I've ever seen! His thick, soft, gorgeous coat and long flowing feathering is second to none. Sir William is the definition of masculine, as he has such a perfectly shaped square, broad head and muzzle, thick muscular neck, huge gorgeous paws and an overall blocky build! He melts my heart as he is such a gentle, huge teddy bear. He produces so many wonderful puppies, many of which have successfully went through the Northwest Battle Buddies Service Dog program, to assist military veterans who are in need of their services.  This ICT CLEAR boy is proudly owned by Council House Goldens. We are excited to have joined our packs and are honored that they have entrusted us with his phenomenal bloodlines! Sir William's Pedigree proudly boasts Champions from the USA, Romania, and Hungary! 
SIR WILLIAM'S (Sir William of Council House) HEALTH CLEARANCES
HIPS:                         OFA - GOOD 
ELBOWS:                  OFA - NORMAL
HEART:                     OFA - NORMAL
EYES:                         OFA - NORMAL  
EYES:                         PRCD PRA - CLEAR
​EYES:                         PRA 1 - CLEAR
​EYES:                         PRA 2 - CLEAR
THYROID:                 OFA - NORMAL
Degenerative Myelopathy - CLEAR (Canine's version of Lou Gehrig's Disease) 
​​Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy - CLEAR
The majority of Golden Retrievers are either ICT Carriers or ICT Affected.  To find an ICT Clear Golden, is truly something to be excited about! Most affected dogs show signs before one year old with flaky skin and dull hair. Over time the skin develops a grayish color and appears thick and scaly, especially over the abdomen. The symptoms may progress to severe scaling all over the body, may improve with age, or may come and go over the dog’s lifetime.  Considering Sir William is ICT CLEAR, he will produce puppies that are ICT FREE!