We are confident that you will be delighted with your puppy for years to come! If you are interested in a puppy from Sage Hollow, or want to be the first to know of future upcoming litters, go to our CONTACT US Page or email us at:
[email protected].com
 or call or text us at:
(208) 407-3574
(If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, then we did not receive your message. Please feel free to contact us again. Thank You.)

Important Details...

Would you like to Reserve a Puppy from an upcoming  Planned Litter ?  - Wonderful! Contact us and request that your name be placed on the waiting list for your litter of choice, to secure your puppy pick. There is no obligation and no deposit required, until after the pregnancy has been confirmed.  
      Would you like a Puppy from an upcoming litter with a Confirmed Pregnancy or from a  Present Litter ? - Great! Reserve your puppy pick as soon as possible by contacting us and placing a $300 deposit on the litter of your choice, as our spectacular puppies find homes very quickly. Your deposit goes towards the final price of your puppy. 
      Are you 'doing your homework' and would like additional information about our Breeding Practices? - Excellent! This website contains a wealth of information including clickable links to things such as, Pedigrees with documented Health Clearances which have proven to be incredibly helpful, and pages that explain more About Us, info. about our Birthing Center , our Early Foundation Puppy Program our Health Guarantee,  and information about some differences between American type Golden's and English/European types. Requests for References, On Site Visits, and/or any further questions are always welcomed. 
      At what age can I choose which Puppy I want? - First pick puppy choices will start when the puppies are approximately 7 weeks old.
      When can I bring My Puppy Home? - Puppies may go to their new homes at 8 weeks old
      Would you like your Puppy Shipped? -   We can ship your puppy to you for an additional $395 flat rate fee which includes the cost of the veterinarian's health certificate for the airlines, the crate and airline shipping fees.
      Would you like your Puppy Ground Delivered? -   For an additional fee, Sage Hollow offers ground delivery (weather permitting) in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, to select locations throughout Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming.  Inform us as soon as possible, as space is limited.
      Would you like to  Pick Up Your Puppy from Sage Hollow? - You are always welcome to pick up your adorable new addition here at Sage Hollow.
      Would you like to Pay Your Final Payment in Cash? -   Perfect! You may wait until you pick up your puppy or your puppy is ground delivered to you at 8 weeks old.                                                                                                                                       Would you like to Pay Your Final Payment with a Cashier's Check, Money Order, or PayPal? - Great! Your final payment will need to be received by Sage Hollow about 7-10 days before you are due to pick up your puppy.                                                                                


*AKC Registration Papers (with no breeding rights) which includes a free veterinary exam from participating veterinarians and free 30 day AKC Pet Medical Insurance coverage
*Sage Hollow's signed
Health Guarantee 
*All puppies will be Microchipped  
*Veterinarian Health Certificate 
*Health records that include exam dates, updated dewormings, and administered vaccines  

*Volhard's Method Temperament Testing Result Summary

*Lifetime support and training tips for you and your puppy
*Instructions to help you continue your puppy's training, good manners AND MORE!!
*A custom Sage Hollow Puppy Tote full of wonderful gifts for you and your puppy to get started on your journey together! 


Puppy Price - $1700