Thank you for visiting the Early Foundation Puppy Program page.  This comprehensive Puppy Program is used to condition each puppy to give them a phenomenal head start. Read further if you would like to learn more.  

Sage Hollow's
Early Foundation Puppy Program

          As a responsible, experienced, passionate canine enthusiast, I knew that if and when I ever decided to breed, that I would do it in a professional, ethical manner or I wouldn't do it at all.  It didn't matter to me if I would only have one dog or several dogs - the decision to breed is a HUGE one and I wanted to do the best that I possibly could.  Our goal is to produce superior quality puppies that are well adapted and well started with behavioral conditioning, so that you have the best puppy experience possible. This early imprinting is vital, as it gives each puppy an incredibly solid foundation and gives them a huge jump start before they go home to you at 8 weeks old.    
         Listed below are some common issues with dogs.  If given the proper conditioning at a very young age, these issues would be much less likely to be such a mountain to climb in the future.  This program focuses on conditioning to help ease the following issues:      
                                  *Nail Clipping   *Ear Cleaning   *Trimming around their paws   *Teeth Cleaning   *Grooming   *Bathing       
                              *Blow Drying   *Handled by a stranger (like a vet, groomer, etc...)   *Being Up on a Grooming Table  
                              *Fireworks   *Thunder   *Baby Crying   *Kids Playing   *Gun Shots   *Vacuum Cleaner   *Traffic   *Sirens      
                              *Blow Dryer  *Skateboards   *Barking Dogs   *Livestock   *Machines & Tools   *Train   *Airport & MUCH MORE! 
                              *Baby Strollers   *People (Men) in Uniform   *People wearing Hats   *People using Walkers   *Wheelchairs
                              *People using Crutches   *Bicycles   *Kids Playing   
                              *Walking on Different Floor Textures (Carpet, Vinyl, Foam, Plastic, Wood, Grass, Concrete, and more)
                  Each individual puppy is precious to us and they are nurtured in their development through our program.  The puppy is stimulated, socialized, and conditioned for real life experiences.  Before the newborns are even able to see or hear, the conditioning begins.  We familiarize each precious puppy with sensations that many older puppies and grown dogs tend to have sensitivities to, such as gently handling their paws, clipping their nails, and starting them on sensations that would be associated with having their teeth and gums brushed, and much more.  
          Audio conditioning is started once the pups are able to hear.  Familiarizing a young pup with a variety of sounds, at this stage, will condition them to be much less sensitive or fearful when confronted  with these sounds as they get older.  The audio noises include sounds of thunder, sirens, gun shots, fireworks, kids playing and screaming, skateboard sounds, traffic, airports, and much more! This gives a puppy the best start possible, so that they are often times, much more stable and easier to train!
          In addition, each puppy is temperament tested (Volhard's Method) When done correctly, Volhard's Method is a well known and trusted evaluation of each puppy's strengths, weaknessess and tendencies. This will give you an incredibly good idea of each puppy and which one(s) will fit best with your lifestyle!     
          Our main goal in the Early Foundation Puppy Program is to create as many positive experiences as possible, condition and get your puppy off to a spectacular start, so that he/she may be stable, versatile, easy to train, and will adjust smoothly to your household. We give them a great foundation and a wonderful start in life! Couple that with the Volhard's Method temperament testing and you've got a phenomenal, comprehensive program that sets you and your new puppy up for success!  You will also receive tips for you to take home, to empower you with knowledge, so that you may continue training in your home with your new little adorable addition!  Sage Hollow will be available to you, every step of the way with our puppy lifetime support guarantee!